FAQ – Geneva Global Games


Who can participate? 

    • Participants are think tanks providing policy recommendations through research and publications. Concerning the participation during the event, each think tank can send a “delegation” of one person (max. 2) to represent the think tank. 
    • The size, location and time of activity of your think tank are of no relevance for the participation at the event.
    • The research must come from research organizations. Student research projects, as well as individual research, are not accepted. 
    • Please note that for clarity of text, our posts and webpage refer mainly to think tanks. In the context of the Games, research centers also fall within this scope.


What language is the event in? 

    • In English.
    • As the Games are open to organizations worldwide, the working language of your think tank does not need to be English. Your future research based on your pitch can be in any language, but it will need to be presented in English during the Games.


At which stage does my research have to be?  

    • Think tanks will pitch a research proposal that should eventually lead to policy recommendations. This means you will need to have identified a problem of relevance for policymakers and have defined the goals of your research. 
    • The research can be in the ideation/brainstorming phase or can already have been initiated (e.g. be in the data-gathering phase). The research cannot be already completed by the time of submission.


What should my pitch look like?

    • You will have exactly 10 minutes to present your promising research idea to the jury, not a single second more! Your pitch should be dynamic and well-structured to draw the jury’s attention! After your initial pitch, the jury will get 5 minutes to ask questions.
    • Your pitch should tackle the following questions: What is your research question? Why is this research essential? How is it relevant for the current discussions within the international community? How can it be implemented by policymakers?
    • You can use a few slides to illustrate your presentation if you wish to do so.


How will the jury judge the proposals? 

The following criteria will guide the jury’s assessment:

    • How innovative is the proposed idea?
    • How relevant is the idea to challenges faced by policymakers and beyond?
    • How could this be implemented by policymakers in practice?
    • How convincing was the presentation?


Can I still participate if my research deals with other topics than Digital Health and Green Economy?

    • Your research idea for the Games must deal with one of these topics. Whether your previous research is linked (or not) to the two proposed topics is not relevant for your participation. It’s only imperative that the proposal follows one of the two given topics. 
    • The 2022 edition of the Games is not open to other topics.


More questions? Do not hesitate to reach out! 

Contact us at info@thinktankhubgeneva.org