Gender Equality Hackathon

Follow up : What will happen to your ideas?

foraus, the Think Tank Hub Geneva and Impact Hub will organise a follow up session at the end of January for all the groups, to help you structure the next steps of the project.


The following partners will propose various follow ups to your projects.

Please find the details below:


Advance Women

Advance is a non-profit association and is funded by an annual subscription fee paid by member companies. Its mission is to actively increase the share of women in leading positions within Swiss companies on an ongoing basis, therefore they have a great network of companies. The follow up they propose is the following : they will review and share promising ideas coming from the hackathon with their network.




Apolitical is a global network for people working in - or closely with - government, and a media platform to share ideas about the most effective policies around the world. Their platform hosts thousands of members working in the public sector in 99 countries. They are always looking for new innovations that could make policy work better to tell our members about, either through the media content produced by our editorial team, or through the online community itself. The network represents an unparalleled public sector audience that has the power to put good ideas into practice.

Collaboratio Helvetica

The hackers will be able to join the community in Switzerland around SDG5 at anytime. The ideas resulting from the hackathon might be presented to the Explorers of the Social Lab on Gender Equality and there would be a dialogue around it (February-March). Teams might get the chance to join the co-learning group of the Gender Lab, and be invited to events as well as actively contribute to working on SDG5 in Switzerland at anytime. Teams will be able to get visibility through the collaboratio helvetica network for your projects and activities around SDG5 (January-February- March). Finally, teams might get invited to join the Explorers of the Gender Lab 2018 and might also get the chance to be invited, and show your project at the Flagship event in June 2018.

Empowerment Lab

If the output of the project is promising, the motivated hackers will start working with the challenge holder on implementation soon after the hackathon. If team members are interested to work on implementation, minimum time requirement is 6 months. The work will be fairly allocated across the members of the team.

Hospice général

If the output of the project is promising, the Hospice général will provide a workspace on demand, regular contacts with management to take stock and assess the needs and appointment of a resource person at the Hospice générale to act as an interface between the team and the institution. Depending on the progress of the project and specific issues: they can use of an internal expertise at the General Hospice or external (coaching). They will also give support for communication and use of the communication media of the institution. They will link the team with partners according to the needs and progress of the project. They will also integrate the team in the SocialUp community and on the platform currently under development


Lift will consult with the team of the most actionable project to review their results. In order to accelerate the development of a market-ready solution and maximize the impact of their project, Lift can contribute with its network of innovation and tech experts as well as invite the team to one of its events.


PWN Geneva-Lausanne supports the Gender Equality Hackathon by providing free access to curated content on gender-related research, interviews and news worldwide, and by following up with 20 hackers after the end of the Hackathon. This follow-up will be customized to the needs of the selected hackers and may include free PWN membership, mentoring and/or international connecting.



Swisscom wants to strengthen the gender diversity of its workforce, particularly at the leadership level and is therefore interested in ideas that contribute to achieving this outcome.



As an autonomous UN body, the United Nations Institute for Training and Research is seeking innovative methods and solutions to increase the impact of its actions. After the hackathon, the project submitted by the hackers will undertake a feasibility study by UNITAR, and should the project be feasible, they will follow-up with the proper hackers to jointly collaborate on setting up the project.


Our partners

Bureau de l'égalité


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