Alexa a victim of sexism? Talk on Gender and Machines

28 November, 2019

About the topic:


This discussion will take a closer look at the influence of gender biases on today’s development of digital technologies. Indeed, social constructions and technology are to be understood in a holistic way. It is therefore not only important to sharpen awareness of how the digital world is shaped by humans, but also how this programming influences people's thinking and behaviour. The objective of this event is therefore to raise awareness on this issue and to discuss possible solutions for a more inclusive and equal tech-driven future.



About the speakers:


Ivana Bartoletti is the Head of Privacy and Data Ethics at City-based consultancy Gemserv, Co-Founder of the Women Leading in AI Network and Woman of the Year (2019) in the Cyber Security Awards.


Jérôme Duberry is Lecturer at the University of Geneva, the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies and the University of Neuchâtel.


Nadia Fischer is Co-Founder of Witty Works, whose mission is to finally crack the code for the crucial representation of women in tech and digital teams.

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