14 June 2022

Careers in International Geneva

432 NGOs, 39 IOs, 178 Permanent Missions, 17 platforms and over 35’000 employees. Where is your place in the great ecosystem that is International Geneva? 


The June edition of our Think&Drink afterworks is centered around the career paths that can be found among the institutions that make up International Geneva. What can a career in International Geneva look like? What determines if that career is right for you? More importantly: where do you start looking?! The career possibilities in Geneva are numerous, and can take on as many different forms as there are organizations: some organizations prefer to keep their activist roots intact, while others believe that a strong bureaucratic structure will help them be most effective. Some are composed of a team with hundreds of colleagues, others work in small but busy teams. 


The organizations present in Geneva can help you change the world, but finding one’s way among them can be daunting and confusing. Our guest, Yvonne Knoepfel, is here to give the participants some perspective, some insights and share the experiences she made during her own career. Yvonne is specialized in human resources with a focus on organizational development and change management, and is ready to share all her insider tips. 

You want to get an overview of what professional future is possible for you among the international organizations of Geneva? Register and join us on Tuesday, 14th June 2022 at Foound (Rue Jean-Dassier 7).


Yvonne Knoepfel

Yvonne Knöpfel specialized in human resources with a focus on organizational development and change management. Born and raised in Thurgau, she studied International Relations in Geneva and Madrid from 2004 to 2008. She then worked for four years as a project manager in the financial sector. 2012-13 she studied Arabic in Ramallah and then worked at the United Nations, where she helped plan and implement management reforms in New York and Nairobi. From 2017 to 2019, she was Human Resources Manager in MSF projects in Lebanon and Southern Sudan.

She returned to Switzerland in September 2019 and has since been working in the Human Resources Department of the ICRC in Geneva.

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