26 September 2019

Participation of Women and Girls in Sport

About the topic

The participation of women and girls in sport challenges a multitude of gender stereotypes and discriminations. Sport has the power to be a uniting force for good in society in ways little else can. By harnessing this power and acting collectively, the diversity of actors involved in the world of sports have the potential to deliver concrete impacts for those affected by it. Some progress has already been made but many challenges remain:

–     Implementation at MSEs: construction-related risks and discrimination continue to be focus areas

–     Implementation in day-to-day sport

–     Discriminations persist, particularly racism, sexism, homophobia and transphobia

–     Access to effective remedies, especially related to human rights violations

About the speaker

Mary Harvey is the CEO of the Centre for Sport and Human Rights. She’s also a former Senior Executive at FIFA (2003-2008). Mary became involved in the reform process at FIFA by launching the #WomeninFIFA campaign with Australian Moya Dodd. The campaign was successful in achieving gender inclusion as a core tenet of the reforms passed in 2016. A lifelong athlete, Mary enjoyed an 8-year career with the US Women’s National Soccer Team, winning the inaugural FIFA Women’s World Cup in 1991 and Olympic Gold in 1996. Mary Harvey is an accomplished and innovative sports governance and sustainability executive with 15+ years experience in leading worldwide initiatives to achieve societal change and gender equity through sports.

About the co-organizer

The Centre for Sport and Human Rights is a human rights organisation for the world of sport, whose role is to work towards a world of sport that fully respects human rights through collective action and through the promotion of the Sporting Chance Principles.

The Centre’s aims are threefold:

  • Support the prevention of human rights violations from occurring through sport

  • Support access to effective remedies where harms have occurred

  • Promote a positive human rights legacy from sport and sporting events