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Latest events
Think Tank Talk on Gender Data

Our last Think Tank Talk in collaboration with GENDRO gave participants the opportunity to reflect on the Covid-19 crisis from a different perspective by discussing the role of sex and gender data in pandemics.

Impact Now
Get connected. Innovate change.

Geneva hosts a unique wealth of international organizations, institutional networks and expertise inspired by a culture of dialogue and cooperation. The city is host to the European Headquarters of the United Nations, 34 international organizations (of a total of 40 based in Switzerland) and some 400 NGOs.

What we offer
A helping hand to the next step

The Think Tank Hub provides, free of charge, two fully equipped working spaces as well as conference facilities to think tanks from around the world in need of temporary office space in Geneva. 

Think Tank Hub
Who we are

The Think Tank Hub Geneva, founded in April 2014, is an initiative undertaken by the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA) and managed by the think tank foraus – Swiss Forum on Foreign Policy. The Hub aims to create a dynamic and innovative platform for think tanks specialized in various fields.

Think tank activity from around the globe

In addition to serving as a physical hub for think tanks, the Think Tank Hub also engages as an information hub, disseminating the ideas and research of a diverse range of think tanks with links to International Geneva.

The latest inspiration

Familiarise yourself with the latest inputs and impressions of past and present visiting think tanks to the Think Tank Hub Geneva. 

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The Swiss Think Tank on foreign policy

foraus (Swiss Forum on Foreign Policy) generates independent, high quality recommendations for foreign policy decision makers and the public, thereby bridging the gap between academia and politics. Its non-partisan approach aims to promote an open dialogue and informed decision-making on all aspects of Swiss foreign policy. foraus is a grassroots organization.


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