Upcoming Projects

The Geneva Global Games will take place on June 16th! Hosted by the Think Tank Hub – a joint platform by the Swiss Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as foraus, the think tank on foreign policy – the Geneva Global Games aim to provide think tanks and research centers with an international platform to showcase their expertise. Think tanks from around the world can present a promising future research project they wish to initiate to a panel of experts from the International Geneva ecosystem. Come create impact, connect with relevant stakeholders and showcase your think tank’s expertise in one of the key areas of multilateral policy-making!

Current Projects

Partner Projects

This section features the projects of partner organisations to which the Think Tank Hub has contributed. We are pleased to work with renowned organisations and think tanks to carry out various projects such as conferences, workshops and other participatory events.


Listen to the Think Tank Hub’s podcast to hear the unique take of international think tanks on different topics related to multilateralism and foreign policy! A podcast to bring the immense knowledge and research achieved by think tanks from all over the globe to the heart of international Geneva.

Think and Drink

The “Think and Drink” afterworks bring together actors from the international Geneva ecosystem in a relaxed setting. Each month, a guest gives an input-speech about a foreign policy topic and opens the floor to an informal discussion.

Past Projects


DebaTable is an event format that aims to gather five to ten representatives from different sectors, political orientations and backgrounds to a personal discussion on current hot topics. In the confidential and informal atmosphere of a common dinner (Chatham House rules), bridges can be built and visions that go beyond the politics of the day can be created. From the starter to the dessert, fundamental questions as well as concrete recommendations for action are discussed. The event lasts about three hours. Thematic inputs by a research fellow from an international Think Tank as well as moderation by a member of foraus ensure a constructive and focused debate.

From Science to Practice

This two-day conference, which gathers two dozens of high-level speakers from various fields, investigates how to improve the interface among researchers, decision-makers, and policy practitioners to inform global efforts to achieve the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The last edition took place in 2021.

SDG Accelerator

The 2017 SDG Accelerator #PolicyHack was a two and a half day event that aimed to create a space for the development of new tools and innovations tackling SDG number 5: gender equality. Bright minds from all walks of life brought in their individual skills and professional experiences in order to brainstorm, discuss and find innovative and sustainable solutions to twelve proposed challenges.

Think Tank Talks

Think Tank Talks are an event format where experts on the topic covered are invited by the Think Tank Hub to present their field of expertise to a diverse group of participants from the International Geneva ecosystem. The aim of this event series is to generate a debate and to discuss different approaches and problem-solving techniques that can be applied to current matters we are facing.

WinterSchool for Thinktankers

From 2017 to 2020, the Think Tank Hub, in collaboration with On Think Tanks (OTT), organised the WISCH – WinterSchool for Thinktankers. WISCH is a seven-day intensive course with lectures and guided group work for young and proactive individuals who are eager to develop their knowledge and understanding of think tanks and to prepare themselves to become future policy entrepreneurs. It offers practical skills, opportunities and networks to help think tanks grow in core areas such as fundraising, communications, financial management, policy engagement and more.