Gilles Crettenand - Coordinator at MenCare Switzerland

Gilles Crettenand is the Swiss coordinator of the Swiss MenCare National Program run by männer.ch, a member association of the International MenEngage Alliance. Inspired by the MenCare global campaign, MenCare Switzerland promotes fathers’ engagement and men’s participation in the field of general care (“caring mascunilities”).


An economist by trade, his rich and varied professional career has led him to hold positions at all levels in marketing, HR and financial management , project management and the management of a para-public institution.


In charge of developing MenCare in French speaking Switzerland for a year, he carries out various concrete actions addressed to companies: awareness courses for future and new fathers, conferences on the reconciliation of professional, private and family life – as well as to the population as a whole, interactive benefit information systems, exhibitions and debates.


Anja Wyden Guelpa was the first woman elected as Chancellor of State in Geneva in 2009, and she was reelected in 2013 for a second term.

Fascinated by innovation and change as the natural order of things, she began her career at the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs as project manager. She then went on to work for IBM Business Consulting, in which position she advised both public administrative offices and private companies on change management and strategy. She joined the public administration of Geneva in 2003, first as Deputy Director, then as General Director of the Social Policy division. In this strategic function, at the crossroads of politics and operational services, she modernized numerous procedures and regulations pertaining to social benefits, in order to reduce threshold effects and improve benefit targeting.

Together with the Heads of State departments, Anja Wyden Guelpa manages transversal issues and projects related to the modernisation of the administration. She ensures the organization of political rights, voting processes, and municipal, cantonal and federal elections. She also leads major innovative projects such as the partnership between public and private entities in the field of philanthropy or promotion of the active participation of young population in public debate.

Anja Wyden Guelpa - Geneva State Chancellor